walking with greyhound in Salisbury

A particularly severe strain of parvovirus has been found in dogs based close to Hampstead – one of the UK’s most densely populated dog walking areas.

Luckily, this recent and frightening Parvovirus outbreak is not being reported in our Warminster/Salisbury area, but could potentially become widespread.

There has been an an outbreak of a highly virulent strain of parvovirus near one of the UK’s most densely populated dog walking areas.

Please make sure your dog is up to date with their vaccinations.

More about Parvovirus

This is a highly contagious, potentially fatal viral disease. It is spread through infected faeces and can survive in the environment for several years. Symptoms include severe fever, vomiting and severe diarrhoea.

Vaccination is the ONLY certain method of preventing this devastating disease.

Unfortunately, we still regularly treat unvaccinated dogs with this disease but treatment is very costly and a number of dogs die despite the best treatment.

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Frazier donates blood

Frazier donates blood

We’d like to say a special thank you to the wonderful Frazier for being a blood donor dog today